Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a thin layer of protective material that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle. This coating is made up of ceramic particles suspended in a liquid solution, which hardens to form a durable and long-lasting protective barrier on the vehicle’s surface.

The main benefits of a Ceramic Coating are that it helps to protect the vehicle’s paint from contaminants such as dirt, grime, and water, and it can also help to reduce the amount of time and effort needed to maintain the vehicle’s appearance. Ceramic coatings can also enhance the vehicle’s shine and make it easier to clean. Some ceramic coatings are also hydrophobic, which means they repel water, making it easier to wash off dirt and grime.


Enhance the Look

Give the paint vibrancy to the finish look, all while making washing maintenance easier

Ultimate Protection

Protection your luxury car's look from daily debris like dirt, grime and water